Swift SDK

Adcash Swift SDK is an advertising framework written in Swift 3! Download Swift SDK iOS SDK Example Project Prerequisites ZONE ID(s). You can create them at Adcash website, if you don’t have one yet. Xcode 8.1 or higher Swift 3.0 or higher Project deployment target 8.0 or higher Third Party Dependencies Adcash Swift SDK uses […]

Adcash AdMob Mediation Adapter iOS

AdMob Mediation Adapter Adcash AdMob Mediation Adapter is designed for integrating Adcash with AdMob Mediation on iOS to maximize fill rate and revenue. It’s a simple 2-step process. Integration Guide Note : Assuming integration is already done with AdMob SDK, if not please follow AdMob Integration guideline. Download SDK with AdMob Adapter Download the Adcash […]

Adcash iOS SDK

Integrate our light weight SDK into your brand new application in simple 2 step process! Download iOS SDK iOS SDK Example Project Prerequisites ZONE ID(s). You create at Adcash website. Adcash iOS SDK Xcode 5.1 or higher Deployment target iOS 7.0 or higher Integration of SDK Here is how you can install the Adcash iOS […]