iOS Plugins


Cocos2D-X Plugin Adcash Plugin for Cocos2D-X Supported Platforms iOS Plugin features include : Support for Banner Ads Support for Interstitial Banner positions(top/bottom) Ad event listeners And requirements are : Cocos2D-X An ad zone ID Target of 7.0 or higher Integration Download or clone the repository. Find your project from ios/mac folder and launch xcodeproject. Drag […]

Adcash Cordova Plugin

Platforms supported: Android iOS Prerequisite Android OR iOS development enviroment set up Cordova project created and Cordova CLI installed Adcash SDK Integration Create new zone(s) for banner and/or interstitial and/or rewarded video ads in AdCash portal for your registered app then use those zone IDs in next steps. Import Adcash SDK in your Cordova project […]

Adcash Xamarin Plugin

Xamarin Plugin Supported platforms: iOS The plugin features include: Support for Banner Ads Support for Interstitial Ads Banner positions(top/bottom) Banner ad events listeners A sample project to demonstrate plugin integration And the requirements are: Xamarin/Visual Studio Zone id (click here to create one). Deployment target of iOS 6.0 or higher Adcash provides two different APIs: […]