MoPub Mediation Adapter

Adcash MoPub Mediation Adapter is designed for integrating Adcash with MoPub Mediation on iOS to maximize fill rate and revenue.

It’s a simple 2-step integration process.

Integration Guide

Note : Assuming integration is already done with MoPub SDK, if not please follow MoPub Integration guideline.

Download SDK with MoPub Adapter

  • Download the Adcash SDK here. ScreenShot1
  • Drag and drop files into your Xcode Project.
  • Don’t forget to check “Copy items if needed”

Configure Adcash Custom Event on MoPub Mediation Portal

Add a Network

On MoPub Dashboard, click on Networks tab, ScreenShot2 then click on Add a Network button.

On the Add a Network page, select Custom Native Network under Additional Networks ScreenShot3 section.

Configure Custom Native Ad Network

Give it a title Adcash, then scroll down for ad units (Adcash MoPub iOS Adapter currently supports Banner and Interstitial ad formats)

  • Custom Event Class

For Banner : “AdcashMopubBanner”
For Interstitial : “AdcashMopubInterstitial”
For Rewarded : “AdcashMopubRewarded”

  • Custom Event Class Data screenshot4

Enter the Zone ID from Adcash Publisher Panel. It has to be in JSON format

example : {"id":"your_zone_id"}

Optional: By default with this mediation should have started working. But in case it has not, go to “Segments” tab and select segment of your app (by default it is “Global Segment”). There check that custom native ad network you just created is enabled.

Release App

Now Adcash MoPub Mediation Adapter is successfully integrated with MoPub Mediation platform and you can release out the app in iTunes. Please note that changes made in MoPub Mediation Portal might take couple hours to reflect.


If you need any help or assistance, you can contact us by sending email to